Roof and wall anchors are the simplest means of ensuring the safety of maintenance contractors who must work on the building face. Although roof and wall anchors alone may not satisfy all of the requirements of the structure, when properly designed and installed, they can play a vital role in achieving compliance with OSHA requirements and ANSI/IWCA I-14.1 standards.

Fall Protection Anchors:

Fall protection anchors provide a safe anchorage point for workers and contractors to tie back to, when conducting work that exposes a worker to a fall of heights greater than 4 feet, whether the work is conducted on the interior or exterior of a facility.  Fall protection anchors come in many shapes and forms.  For more information on fall protection anchors, please contact our sales team.


Exterior Rooftop Anchors:

Rooftop anchors provide tie off points for exterior maintenance of rooftop equipment and your facility.

Anyone working within 6 feet of a leading edge and can be exposed to a fall greater than 4 feet must be tied off to an approved anchor.

Rooftop anchors also provide a safe anchorage point to tie off working line and safety lines for vertical exterior façade maintenance and repairs. 

Window washers, roofers, glazers and brick layers are a few examples of workers that would use rooftop anchors.

Anchor being installed
Anchor with roof sealed

Rooftop anchor being installed.

Rooftop anchor after installation.


Exterior and Interior Wall Anchors:

Similar to rooftop anchors, wall anchors provide safe tie off points for exterior and interior maintenance and repairs of:

  • Rooftop equipment
  • Exterior building façade
  • Interior building façade
  • Window washing
  • Electrical work
  • Glazing

The main difference is that wall anchors are mounted on vertical walls and usually does not require opening of roofs to install.

Wall anchors installed on verticle wall

Wall anchors installed.



  • Wall anchors as well as roof anchors shall be designed, installed to hold 5000 pounds of force. 
  • Yearly testing of anchors shall not exceed 2500 pounds
  • Fall protection anchors provide fall arrest protection and fall restraint protection when coupled with additional fall protection equipment
Anchor pull testing
Anchor pull testing detail

Anchor pull testing.

Dynamometer (Crane) Scale at 2,500 Pounds Force

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