Roof Top Safety Consultation

Fall Protection Why it’s important:

Fall from height is the leading cause of traumatic occupational deaths in the United States. (US Department of Labor) Over the last four years in Minnesota alone, 5 incidents involving fall accidents with either serious injuries or death are on record.  Anytime a worker or contractor is working above 4 feet or more, protection is mandated. 

With so much work being conducted on the rooftop of your facility, make sure you are compliant by providing the necessary safety equipment for employee and contractor safety.

You’re Responsibilities as a Building Owner:

Are you protected? 

Is your contractor following Minnesota OSHA’s new mandated regulation? 

If your answer is “No” or “I don’t know”, we can help. 

Columbia will consult an exterior building anchorage needs and help facilitate a safety program that will assure compliance to the new regulation. 

What we do:


-Provide onsite consultation
-Recommend immediate remediation of the current conditions
-Engineer, design, fabricate and install code compliant safety systems for your facility
-Design, train and execute new fall protection safety plan for your building workers and contractors

Ground penetrating radar testing

Ground penetrating radar testing

Angulation map of anchor points

Angulation map of anchor points


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