Non-penetrating Guardrails

Non-penetrating guardrails are an OSHA approved fall protection system. Non-penetrating guardrailss help you get into OSHA Compliance using a passive fall protection system.! Companies are using Non-penetrating guardrails for: Fall Protection, Temporary Fall Protection, Roof Edge Protection, Roof Hatches, Skylights, Hazard Barriers, Warehouse Dock Doors, Warehouse Traffic Lanes, Cell Workstations, Construction Dig Sites, Dock Platforms, New Building Construction, Drive-In Truck Pits, Rail Car Platforms, Mezzanines, Break Areas, Assembly Areas, Conveyors and many more. This is why more companies are using Non-penetrating guardrails

Why Are More Companies Choosing Non-penetrating guardrails?

Non-penetrating guardrails have been tested by a nationally known engineering firm and found to be in accordance with OSHA regulations. These regulations are in fall protection for guardrail; sections 1910.23 and sections 1926.500 - 1926.503.

Nonpenetrating guard rails
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