High Reach Relamping and Cleaning

Light bulb re-lamp changing/cleaning services:
High-rise exterior and interior atrium & building lighting.
Skyway accent lighting.
- High reach warehouse lighting.
- Parking lot poles
- Ramping ceiling lighting .
- Replace ballasts and fixtures.
Or any other place that has hard to reach light fixtures.

We can help your company with your Energy Star Rating or relamp to assist you to become a LEED certified Building (usgbcmn.org). Replace high energy bulbs with cost effective bulbs. Columbia's services can include recycling your old lights and ballasts.

We Provide 'no cost consulting' on how to set up your new building or facilities for the most efficient way to reduce labor and equipment access to lighting costs.

Energy & Cost Savings - Relamp all your lights at one time. It is more efficient to relamp all your lamps while a lift is in place. Lamps generally burn out at the same percentage of life. Rather than come back a 2nd time, relamp all your lights at once.

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